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Scientist API Plan

Scientist API Plan
Scientist API Plan
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Payment Profile

Database with > 5.1 bil. primes
From the first 130 bil. numbers
Over 50,000 Computer Hours
Equivalent to 8 full-time employees
Over 1500 human-hours
Project time more than 3y, 6m
10 Active Servers
100% Green energy

Ideal for Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Internet of Things Scientists as well as for Web and App Developers. The API key has no automatic expiration, but it can be refreshed when needed.

Max calls limits
Maximum calls per day 3 000
Maximum calls per second 5
Api endpoints available
get-random-prime included
is-this-number-prime included
prospect-primes-between-two-numbers included
get-all-primes-between-two-numbers included
get-isolated-random-prime x
Support availability
Support Tickets included
Help Centre included

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